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One of the most powerful words in the English language is the word “free”. When people hear the word free, people freak out. Many people completely lose their minds, they think they’re getting something for nothing. It’s very powerful because this is pretty much hardwired into our genes. You have to remember that human beings according to many scientists evolved at a period of history where resources were quite scarce. You have to understand that and that’s why when they come across with some sort of resource, like an animal stuck at a tree or a pile of berries or something, they can’t help but get excited and they tend to over eat, over collect, or over hunt.

In their minds, if they don’t act now there would be nothing left tomorrow. This scarcity trigger is hardwired into you DNA precisely because our ancestors did not have that scarcity mindset died out. The ones that lived to pass on their genes had that scarcity mentality. That’s why the word “free” is such a powerful and compelling word in the English dictionary. Nothing compares to http://www.sexhookup.orgSo if you pair that word up with the other appealing concept of hookups, then you can see why the websites offering free hookups are just blowing up all over the internet. It seems like every other guy wants to join these types of websites so they can walk away with free hookups.

The problem here is that it’s like spotting a mirage. You see this awesome body of water and you’re really thirsty, and you just dive in, but it turns out that you just dived on to a pile of rocks. Be very careful regarding websites that offer free hookups because nine times out of ten things aren’t what they appear. In many cases, you’re simply reading in your fantasies into these websites as far as their capabilities and features are concerned. The end result is actually quite predictable. The end result is you don’t get what you’re looking for and worse you invested a lot of time and energy trying to make it work. Don’t kid yourself, focus instead on picking out the right websites so you end up making an informed choice as to where to devote your most precious and scare asset: Your time.

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